The Parkour Circle, Chennai.

The Parkour Circle is an organisation that believes in bringing the true spirit of Parkour to Tamil Nadu, and especially Chennai City.

We conduct regular training sessions that are free, but conducted by some of the best and most dedicated traceurs (practitioner of Parkour) in Chennai. These sessions are announced on our Facebook page, so be sure to Follow Us.

We also conduct seminars and workshops for other organisations that want their members to explore their hidden potential, or to feel more comfortable in their own abilities.

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To understand what the true spirit of Parkour means, we need to understand what Parkour is. So let’s take a journey to understand just that.

How Can You Learn Parkour in Chennai?

Get in touch with one of our organizers (numbers in the yellow panel on this page). They will guide you about how to attend our sessions. Do attend a few sessions even if you live far away so that you get to understand some of the training methods that we employ, like conditioning, repetition & adaptation, and also about how to stay safe.

You will also get to meet other traceurs from Chennai. The Parkour community is something that is really fabulous across the world, and community is an important aspect of Parkour. Training with us is a good way to become a part of that community.

How Do I Stay in Touch With You?

We announce our training sessions on WhatsApp, so if you're interested in joining us regularly for our un-scheduled training sessions, be sure to ask Prabu to add you to the list.

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Parkour Training Sessions

Everyone is welcome to join us when we train.


Saturday Morning 6-8AM:


Call Prabu: 98848-97546

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