Exploring Parkour from different perspectives is important to us.

Tapping into learning exchange opportunities, Parkour Circle works on projects and collaborations with partners from a variety of fields - education, contemporary dance, theatre. If your organisation is interested in partnering with us on a project idea, please write to:

Project Portfolio

Indian Steam - A RE:Imagine IIndia | UK/INDIA 2017 Project (2016 - Present)

Spearheaded by The Urban Playground Team (UPG Team), UK's foremost performance-Parkour company, Indian Steam is a one-of-it's-kind project which explores Parkour as a performance form in it's own right. Combining dance and physical-theatre with the art of free-running, the UPG team and Parkour Circle toured Tamil Nadu to perform Indian Steam to audiences and also conducted workshops to work with members from myriad backgrounds such as education and theatre. Indian Steam is set to debut to UK audiences at cultural exchange festivals in August 2017.

Parkour In Education (2016 - Present)

Putting Parkour within the reach of every person is important to us. Parkour Circle works with schools across Tamil Nadu to introduce children and teachers to the art. We work with a variety of schools, from Montessori to special education, discovering more about Parkour ourselves in the process.

Ponniyin Selvan

What happens when Parkour principles find a place in vernacular theatre? One of Tamil Nadu's oldest and foremost theatre groups, Magic Lantern, explored precisely that with their epic magnum opus, Ponniyin Selvan. Prabu Mani worked with the director Pravin Kannanur to understand where Parkour movement can add purpose and velocity to the script, creating an astounding storytelling tool. In turn, he discovered a theatre artiste in himself, role-playing one of the principle characters. The play, which debuted to full-houses in it's opening week in Chennai, has since toured Tamil Nadu and recently made it's international debut at the prestigious Esplanade Theatre in Singapore.

Conditions of Carriage - The Jumping Project

In collaboration with Preethi Athreya, Chennai-based contemporary dancer and choreographer, this project explores the body as a functional being which seeks to strike harmony with the space it shares with other people. Preethi chose to use jumping as the narrative medium, leveraging its relative objectivity unlike traditional dance forms. Prabu Mani worked with the group to bring softness and lightness to their jumps. The Jumping Project continues to successfully tour India and the UK to showcase it's work.

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